I offer a large and flexible range of services

If you are an individual or you need advice for your company, I can assist you on a broad set of matters regarding your taxes and social security.

For companies

I can assist your HR services and your employees from day-to-day to complex topics

Global mobility policy

– Advisory on your mobility policy
– Assistance to your HR services to create or revise your policies
– Cost of tax and social contribution estimation of expatriation, gross to net calc.
– Employment regulations

Assistance to your expatriate and cross-border employees

– Management of the expatriate employees
– Tax briefing, tax residency determination tax return preparation, tax at source rectification
– Gross-up calc., hypothetical tax calculation, private tax calc.
– Immigration formalities support

Social security support

– Certificate of coverage (CoC) application
– Determination of applicable law
– Voluntary affiliation
– Anobag affiliation
– Health insurance exemption
– Pension fund affiliation
– Social contributions regularization

Payroll support for expatriate population

– Shadow payroll, salary reconciliation, international allocation of income
– Recapitulative list and salary certificate preparation, tax at source calculation
– Equity annex preparation

Learning and legal monitoring

– Tailor-made presentation to your employees of the Swiss tax and social system
– Support your HR team on the law revisions
– Legal support to your HR projects (ruling with authorities, pension fund system revision, restructuration of your workforce, remote work convention, policy of reimbursement of expenses…)

For individuals

I can support you with tax services for any of your life project, if it’s your first time working in Switzerland, starting of your own business as an independent, managing your retirement, or departing Switzerland.

Regular tax services

– Tax return preparation (for Swiss resident and quasi-resident)
– Tax at source rectification preparation
– Estimation and determination of the “TOU” (quasi-resident status) opportunities for non-residents/frontaliers
– Tax estimate and determination of installments

Specific tax services

– Information request assistance
– Claim and appeal
– Voluntary disclosure and regularization
– Declaration of inheritance or donation
– Refund of the Swiss withholding tax on dividends and interests
– Specific tax ruling

Tax planning and tax optimization

– Consultation on the tax impacts of your projects (company acquisition/Swiss and foreign real estate/retirement fund…
– International tax implications
– Swiss-French tax consultation
– Retirement, arrival/departure from Switzerland
– Severance payment optimization

Social security and pension fund support

– Voluntary social security and pension fund affiliation
– Assistance on pension fund withdrawal and “libre passage” account advising
– Assistance on the tax at source refund request for your pension fund or 3rd pillar account
– Assistance for the claim of your Swiss social rights in case of departure from Switzerland

Digital nomads

– Determination of your tax residency and the tax ans social security implications
– Consultation on your situation
– Tax return support
– Social security assistance
– Immigration assistance

For independent workers

I can help you navigate tax, administrative and social security implications and obligations as an independent worker.

Advisory and tax services

– Consultation on your business project, the adapted structure, the tax system applicable and obligations as an independent
– Determination of the place of taxation for international situation (cross-border, international market…)
– Tax filing assistance
– Accounting assistance

Social security and pension fund assistance

– Swiss social security affiliation and filings with the compensation fund
– Certificate of coverage application
– Social contribution regularization
– Voluntary pension fund affiliation

Constitution and dissolution

– Assistance for the establishment of the contract for simple company (multi-independent)
– Assistance for the registration
– Support for dissolution

How It Works

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We will determine your needs and build a strategy to assist you in the best way.


We will establish the scope of work and the related fees in a contract to proceed with the actions needed.

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